Light tyre changers

Artiglio Master Code, Artiglio Master 28, Artiglio Master Jolly and Artiglio Master 26

Tyre changers using the one-of-a-kind SMART CORGHI SYSTEM technology: the tool never touches the rim in any working phase thanks to the fixed distance between tool and rim, furthermore, all tyre tension is eliminated during the fitting/demounting phases thanks to the synchronised movement between tool and rim.



Artiglio 5000

New "Leva la Leva" automatic tyre changer with LITE Smart Corghi System technology: the new automatic positioning header based on a new and patented concept, allows demounting and mounting the tyre in a very simple way, without ever coming into contact with the rim and reduces the tyre pressures in the most demanding phases.


Artiglio Uniformity
The first and only diagnostic tyre changer in the world that performs match-mounting directly on the tyre changer, turning it into an authentic wheel diagnostic centre.
All the basic steps to replace and check the tyre and the entire wheel are performed with just ONE equipment. The wheel balancing machine is only used for the final balancing phase. During the usual mounting and demounting of the tyres, it analyses the geometry of the rim and the uniformity of the tyre (radial and side rigidity, and any geometric deformation) that may cause, above all, vibrations while driving. It solves any irregularity by optimising troubleshooting the coupling position of the rim and tyre (match-mounting), the only real solution to this problem, avoiding the pointless use of the tyre changer and wheel balancer.

Tyre changer Artiglio Master Code

Smontagomme Artiglio Master 28

Tyre changer Artiglio Master Jolly

Tyre changer Artiglio Master 26

Artiglio 5000
Tyre changer Artiglio 5000

Tyre changer Artiglio UNIFORMITY